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South Florida Executive Housekeeping Counsil (SFEHC) is a non profit organization and members comprise Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers, Senior Supervisors, Housekeeping Attendants and Associate Members who are suppliers to the hospitality industry and have a particular affinity with Housekeeping.

Who can join?

​ Anyone who has been employed or who is currently employed in the hospitality or tourism industry as an Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Housekeeper, Supervisor can join.  Associate membership can also be granted to companies or industries involved in supplying products for the Executive Housekeeping area. Student membership can be granted to individuals currently enrolled in the  hospitality industry. Proof of enrolment must be provided. We have extended this membership to any staff that are currently employed in the Housekeeping Department. (Proof of employment from the Manager, stating position and employment status must be provided)


Member Benefits


  • Welcome membership pack containing brochure about SFEHC, receipt/invoice, some promotional gifts from SFEHC. Member Supplier Listing.

  • Aceess to membership services. Our letter. Supplier information brochures and samples, invitation to trade shows. Associates / Suppliers - get one free brochure or sample mail out a year (must be reasonable size and will not incur an expensive posting cost) and a chance to present their products in the Supplier Event. Link to the website.

  • SFEHC aims to hold approximately 12-24 functions per annum. Some of these functions are sponsored by Associate members who may wish to demonstrate their product range or keep us abreast of new products. The calendar would consist of a housekeeper’s forum event, to get Housekeepers a chance to discuss current topics with professionals in the field and colleagues.

  • Professional Housekeepers support. Our member Executive Housekeepers are from hotels ranging from big to boutique, 5 to 3 star that would be more than happy to exchange business cards, knowledge, tips and visits to their hotels.

What does it cost?

For Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers and Senior Supervisors, the cost of annual membership is $65. 

Vendor Hosting $1,000

Student members annual fee is $25 

International membership is $120

All members receive a membership certificate and badge. The committee reserves the right to review membership fees as appropriate. Should you wish to join, please complete the submit the application form or print out and post to us.

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Code Of Ethics


Members of the South Florida Executive Housekeepers Council accept this code of ethics as the basis for professional conduct and dedication to uphold a high level of ethical behaviour:

1. To know the responsibility of the position held and to exemplify loyalty and conscientiousness at all times to the company engaged by.

2. To uphold the principles of honesty and integrity.

3. To share knowledge, encourage ambition and to inspire and train current employees    for the future of the profession.

4. To strive to improve management techniques.

5. To comply with rules and regulations of the council.

6. To give loyalty and support to both the council and all its members in all facets of the profession.

7. To promote the council to peers, colleagues and the hospitality industry, thereby assisting in the growth and strength of the council by raising the profile.


Professional Membership (Executive Housekeeper)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This membership is only for Hospitality or service professionals (no associate members or vendors)


Student Membership

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This is for membership is for students looking for a career in the hospitality industry


Housekeeping Supervisor Membership

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This is for membership is for students looking for a career in the hospitality industry


International Membership

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This is for membership is for students looking for a career in the hospitality industry


Vendor Event Hosting

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Vendors Only